The Team


Best-selling author of Pillars of the Earth and World Without End and many, many others. A man who knows how to tell and sell a damn good story! You can find out more about him on


Jann Turner has written and directed hundreds of hours of television and “White Wedding” is her feature directorial debut. She has also made award-winning documentaries and worked for two years as part of the team of producers who made the TRUTH COMMISSION SPECIAL REPORT.

A graduate of NYU’s Grad Film School she has also directed multi-cam soap and single cam drama as well as written numerous television scripts. She is the author of the novels HEARTLAND and SOUTHERN CROSS. She is the co-creator of MZANSI and also the SABC3 drama series HARD COPY won the SAFTA Award for Best TV drama.

“ELVIS” played by

Kenneth Nkosi is one of South Africa’s most popular TV presenters and has an enormous screen presence.

He trained at the Market Theatre and has appeared in countless Market Theatre productions both locally and abroad. He has his own TV show – the hilarious KENNY MAKENZO.

He has also taken many very serious television roles and is best known to cinema audiences as “Aap” – one of the gang in Gavin Hood’s much acclaimed film TSOTSI. Kenneth is one of the creators of MZANSI and also co-produced the second season of the drama series.


Rapulana Seiphemo is one of South Africa’s best-known stars of stage and screen.

He started acting at University and has played in Market Theatre productions that have toured Europe and America and has taken lead roles in three major television series’ as well as numerous films. Recently he played the husband in the Oscar winning TSOTSI and Lucky Kunene the lead in JERUSALEMA.

Rapulana is one of the creators of SABC TV’s MZANSI.


Stepping Stone Pictures is a partnership between Jann Turner, Kenneth Nkosi and Rapulana Seiphemo. We have been working together since 1998 when we met on the hit daily soap ISIDINGO. In those days Jann was directing and Kenneth and Rapulana were acting in the series. Since then we’ve worked together on developing a pharmadrama for the BBC and along with Neil McCarthy we created MZANSI – a series for SABC1, which won the Duku Duku (audience choice awards) for Best TV drama in 2005.

We started writing WHITE WEDDING in 2007 and we shot it in 18 days in 2008. It was released in South Africa in April 2009 and became an instant hit. Much of the depth and intensity of the dialogue in WHITE WEDDING comes from the real life friendship between Kenneth Nkosi and Rapulana Seiphemo who are very passionate and very vocal about each other, life, relationships and pretty much everything else.
On WHITE WEDDING we were joined by Kevin Fleischer, our Consigliere, who keeps advises us on business matters and keeps us on the commercial straight and narrow.

We are currently in post production on our new film PARADISE STOP, also written and produced by Jann, Kenneth and Raps with Jann taking the directing chair while Raps and Kenny star in the picture. PARADISE STOP was shot on location in Johannesburg and Limpopo Province in South Africa in October 2009. It will release in South Africa in October 2010.

Post production on PARADISE STOP is expected to finish by May 2010 and after that we’ll start writing our next feature, aiming to shoot in June 2011. We’re not sure what it’s going to be yet, but we have some ideas that we’re kicking around and one in particular that we’re excited about.

Our International Headquarters are a room in Jann’s back garden. We’re not interested in building a big company, we’re interested in making films so that’s where we spend the money that we do manage to raise. So far we’ve been incredibly lucky to get backing from bestselling author Ken Follett who, through his company Ken Follett Presents, has funded both WHITE WEDDING and PARADISE STOP. Ken acts as our Executive Producer and gets involved in the writing stage as a script consultant.